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The Archived by Victoria Schwab | Book Review



Genre: YA Paranormal

Pages: 328

Format: Paperback

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The Archived is a YA paranormal story in which the dead are called ‘histories’ and rest on shelves in a vast library called ‘The Archive’. Occasionally these histories will escape into ‘The Narrows’, a place in between our world and The Archive. This story follows Mackenzie Bishop who is a Keeper – a person entrusted to return the histories back to The Archive before they escape back into our world. But someone has been altering the Histories and deliberately erasing chapters, and unless Mac can put together what remains, the Archive itself may fall.

This is my first Victoria Schwab book and I have to say I was not disappoint at all. I’ve been following her on twitter for months and have heard so many good things about her books but I wasn’t sure where to start. I can safely say I was definitely happy with my choice as this is one of my favourite books so far this year.

Schwab’s writing is so intricate and yet simple, weaving together information and plot seamlessly. We are told the story through the present day but also flashbacks which reveal to us Mac’s past and how she came to be a Keeper which I thought were brilliant and really added to her character and the story. The story is somewhat of a mystery that slowly builds and in which the reader is kept constantly guessing what is happening.

I really enjoyed Mackenzie as a character, she was tough but also vulnerable and had a lot of internal struggle about what she was doing and how she had to lie to everyone she loved. One of the stand out things about this book for me was the way it dealt with grief; whilst most books skim over the topic, Schwab delves deep into how the death of Mackenzie’s little brother is affecting not just her but her entire family as well.

I also really enjoyed the character of Mackenzie’s potential love interest. He was cocky and funny but had a lot of depth and was actually very sweet and caring. This is evidently a slow burn relationship which I love and I thought the way their relationship developed in this book was paced perfectly. I can’t wait to see what happens with them in the next book!

Overall I thought The Archived was a brilliantly executed start to a series that was unique and woven together perfectly. I cannot wait to read the sequel and more of Victoria Schwab’s work in the future and I’m now kicking myself for putting off her books for so long!


3 thoughts on “The Archived by Victoria Schwab | Book Review

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this book! I’m a really big fan of Schwab’s adult books, so I really want to read this. I love the sound of it! Mackenzie sounds like such a strong lead – I like the way she’s flawed, yet fierce and tough too. The cover is so pretty too! Thank you for recommending this to me 💞


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